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Hall of Fame [22rr]

Posted: 06 Dec 2020, 14:05
by Scofield
Hall Of Fame Event [22 resets]

Class: Soul Master

Image Supreme Champion: BlueFan
Image Worthy Adversary : Zeus
Image Maybe Next Time: KoZz


Class: Muse Elf

Image Supreme Champion: HERA
Image Worthy Adversary : Lizzy
Image Maybe Next Time: LadyG


Class: Magic Gladiator

Image Supreme Champion: DqdoMraz
Image Worthy Adversary : ARES
Image Maybe Next Time: DochevBaby

Class: Blade Knight

Image Supreme Champion: Skeler
Image Worthy Adversary : XageC
Image Maybe Next Time: CRUSHER


Class: Dark Lord

Image Supreme Champion: Max
Image Worthy Adversary : #Ko4a
Image Maybe Next Time: 4i4oDqdko


Hall Of Fame Event Created by:DevilMu Team