VIP Duels Rules! [ENG]

BG: Моля прочетете правилата, за да нямате проблеми с екипа на форума!
EN: Please read the rules , for not havin any problems with the forum staff
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VIP Duels Rules! [ENG]

Post by DeviLMu » 17 Nov 2017, 21:19

1. Using pets is allowed for all classes,except Blade Knight /Dinorant is forbidden for Dark Lord/

2. Using a Twisting Slash isn't allowed. The intentional using of Twisting Slash before Switch Character is also forbidden!

2.1 The intentional using of Twisting Slash before Switch Character is also forbidden!

3. Using Shield Skill isn't allowed during fight.

4. Using The left mouse button isn't allowed.

5. Moving during fight isn't allowed,you can move only when your opponent is dead.

6. You are allowed to say Stop only once.The next stop becomes a point for your opponent.

7. Stop at score 9-9 isn't allowed.Any mistake at score 9-9 will lead to automatic loss.[/b]

8.The VIP Doubles Prize / Bet is subject to all options +13
Еxception makes only set without Increase Max HP + 4%,Increase Max Mana +4% for class BK
Increase Zen After monster + 40% is not required in any type of set for any kind of hero
For Weapons and Pendants options:
• Increase Mana after Monster +Mana/8
• Increase Life after Monster +Life/8
9. Leaving the area of the duel is forbidden.Also,it isn't allowed to go the vault during a duel.
(That will be recognized as a loss and you must give the prize to the other player,otherwise you will be banned and the prize will be given by Administrator).

10. Changing weapons is allowed only if they are in your inventory(It is forbidden trading items during a duel).

11. Changing sets after the start of the duel isn't allowed.That will lead be recognized as a loss.

12. It isn't allowed to leave the duel earlier and that will be recognized as a loss.If the other player can prove that his opponent has left earlier the duel, the prize be given by Administrator.

13. Everyone,who plays Vip Duels must have TaemViewer installed on his computer.

14. Relogging is only required before the beginning of the duel. Only a Game Master can ask you to switch afterwards. You are not obligated to relog if your opponent asks you to.

15. VIP ACCOUNT is forbidden. The maximum bet for a VIP duel is ALL ITEMS IN ACCOUNT. Items are being given by Administrator to the winner. !!! You can play Vip All Items in Account, if you have minimum 3x All items in your account. !!!

16. Vip all items must be played only in the presence of a Game Master/Administrator. Otherwise, the duel is invalid.

17. Macros are forbidden.

18. Its forbidden during a duel to switch with someone to play instead of you. Otherwise, your account will be blocked for a certain period of time.

19. It's forbidden to switch from Windows Mode to Full screen mode during a duel, that will lead to automatic loss.

20. Vip duel for more than one set is being played only in the presence of a Game Master. Otherwise, the duel is invalid.

21. Using Twisting slash to say Stop! is forbidden. That becomes a point for your opponent

22. The maximum duration on Stop by any player is 3 minutes.

23. If one of the players make 3 mistakes because of unallowed actions (every unallowed actions are above),
his opponent automatically wins the duel. (The mistakes are counted by the counter)

24. Its forbidden to leave the game when a GameMaster request to check your computer for cheats. Otherwise, you will be banned for 3 days.

25. If the player log out or disconnect from the game, during the VIP duel, he/she has 5 minutes to log in again, otherwise the duel ends with forfeiture for him/her.

26. In any violation of the VIP Duel rules, which is considered as a mistake, the duel will be interrupted.
After the violation is counted as a counter error, the duel continues from the same result.
Each opponent is entitled to two mistakes, and third is awarded a duel loss.
Opponents are entitled to only one STOP.[/b]
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